About Entrepreneur to Authorpreneur

authorpreneurEntrepreneur to Authorpreneur is part of Publish with Connie (http://publishwithconnie.com).

While some of Connie’s clients are fiction writers, she also serves a wide variety of non-fiction writers.  Entrepreneur to Authorpreneur targets the specific niche of Coaches.

Since coaches, in particular, need to be published to gain the notoriety and celebrity status of a published author, Connie serves this population to help coaches stand out in their field. Coaches of all varieties – from life coaches to business coaches – all have a similar goal of helping their niche clients get to the next level.

While as a coach, you probably have a lot of training and expertise to work with your clients, you are usually not the only coach in your field, which means you are looking for a way to say, “Hey, I’m over here and I can give you exactly what you want and need!” Publishing a book can do that for you.

Authors have always been looked upon as celebrities, someone to admire and look up to. Entrepreneur to Authorpreneur helps you make that leap. As an entrepreneur coach, you’ve probably been helping people and gaining great insights. As an authorpreneur coach, you have written the book for all to see, read, and know that you are head and shoulders above the crowd!

Don’t just tell people how wonderful you are! Publish the book that will show your potential clients that you know your stuff!