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Here are some ways that we may be of assistance…

  WANT to FIND OUT more about COACHING?

Coaching is generally billed by the hour; however, in the interest of keeping our rates affordable, here are some coaching package.

Evaluation & Coaching Call – Wondering if what your writing is where you want it to be? Get your first 10-Pages Evaluated, plus get a 15-minute Coaching Call to discuss where and how to improve or learn you are exactly where you hoped you’d be. Either way, it’s an opportunity to pick Connie Dunn’s brain and ask all the questions that fit into a 15-minute live call, which will be recorded for you. That way you can return to the recording later. To order, click here: 10-Page Evaluation and 15 Minute Coaching Call

Deep, Specific Evaluation of Your Manuscript – To get a deeper evaluation of your manuscript, this choice evaluates on some specific items.  All manuscripts need copyediting, which needs to be done by a professional  editor – this is not your best friend’s Great Aunt Sandra. Some manuscripts need developmental editing, which is more about the content. If your manuscript doesn’t flow and feels jumbled, then it needs developmental editing. Naturally, you need a professional with experience in editing the content. What you get from this evaluation is a report about your manuscript, letting you know what you did good and what you need to work on, and resources to help, when appropriate.  To get your manuscript evaluated, follow this link: Comprehensive Manuscript Evaluation

Staying Accountable for Your Own Goals – Creating writing goals and keeping those goals means you need someone to keep you accountable. It’s easy to make excuses. Our lives are busier than they have ever been in comparison to all the generations before us. Therefore, we need help to stay on course, which is why we set up our Once-a-Week Accountability Group Coaching Call. Part of this group coaching includes a private Facebook group, which allows the accountability group to support each other. To join this coaching call, follow this link: Once-a-Week Accountability Call

Have Your Coach’s Undivided Attention – Working with a coach, whether it is for life issues, business development, or writing and publishing is not only a choice you make for yourself but an investment in your own future.  You want to write a book, but if you’ve never done that, you probably want a little help. Knowing where to start and what order to do any of it may seem overwhelming, but relax that’s what coaching is all about! Some people even return to coaching as they continue on their writing journey. To choose one-on-one coaching, follow this link: One-on-One Coaching

Bundling 5-Hours of Coaching Can Save You Money – Because bundling can save you money on the type of coaching that you want, we offer a 5-hour coaching program. Obviously, you can sign up for this coaching multiple times, if you choose. To get this coaching package, follow this link: Take 5 Coaching


Here Are a Few Services

This service is definitely a necessity for all manuscripts. This service is usually farmed out to one of our trusted copy editors, whose business focuses solely on editing copy, such as your manuscript. To order this service, follow this link: Copy Editing

Does Your Book Need Content Work? – This service is not a necessity for every manuscript. If you suspect you may need some of this in your manuscript, go to the evaluations found in the COACHING session. To order this service, follow this link: Developmental (content) Editing

This Teleseminar or In-Person Seminar helps you mine your own work so that you are ready to write your book. It isn’t a finished book at the end of the 3 hours, but it is all gathered and ready for you to rewrite to make your book flow. What most entrepreneurs find is that they actually have more than enough material to create a book. The important part of writing a book is finding the raw material. What’s left is simple smoothing it all out so that it all makes sense. To order this service, follow this link: Book in 3-Hours

Write a Book without any Writing – If you want to write a book, but you don’t want to do the actual writing, consider our Rewrite or Ghost Writing Services. This is strictly a work-for-hire situation, so there will never be any claims to your book. To order this service, follow this link: Rewrite or Ghost Writing Services


Here are some writing courses to help you begin.

Step-by-Step from Conception to Published Book – If you are ready to dive in and get a step-by-step curriculum to help your through all the processes of writing and publishing a book, then 12 Easy Steps to Publishing is a good course. It is a comprehensive course and does take a time commitment. To order, click here:  12 EASY STEPS TO PUBLISHING